Types of Selfie Drones

This post was written by on July 12, 2017

Selfie drones come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your specific need there will be drones that are better for you than others. Drone technology is possibly one of the most fascinating pieces of technology to be released in the 21st century as of yet. With so many people eager to get their hands on a drone many companies are beginning to realize that the market is actually a lot bigger than they originally thought.

Whether it is for industry use or recreational purposes there are several great drone options for you to choose from. Below we’re going to explain the different types of drones available on the market so continue reading:

  •  Tricopter- Tricopters are drones with three propellers; they usually come in very small sizes and are great for the recreational drone user. Many if not all Tricopters come with cameras so you will be able to capture all of the photos and videos that you want.

Tricopter Drones


  • Quadcopter- Quadcopters are drones that utilize four propellers in order to give you more flying power and stabilization of quality images overall.

QuadCopter Drones


  • Hexacopter- Hexacopters are drones that use six propellers, these drones are among the most stable and easy to fly. Hexacopter drones are known to have quite a steep learning curve however so make sure that you know what you’re purchasing before buying one of these.

Hexacopter Drones


  • Octocopter- Octocopters are operated by eight propeller wings; these are the largest in the drone family and have the most functionality in terms of versatility and capturing ability.

Octocopter Drones


These are the basic manufacturing configurations for virtually every selfie drone available on the market. Most selfie dronesare categorized under the umbrella of being a mini camera drone so you won’t have to worry about a lot of unnecessary sorting, when it comes to choosing the right drone for you. One feature you should always pay attention to when purchasing a selfie drone is that of camera quality and shooting function. There are plenty of selfie drones for sale online that offer really high quality video and photo capturing capabilities.

The quality of photo and video capturing capabilities vary from drone to drone so take the time to see, which the photo capturing quality you want in order to purchase the right drone for your use. While the most common form of drones are those that are controlled via a remote you can even go and find a flying camera drone that follows you based on the GPS location of your Smartphone device?

One of the best ways to find a quality drone is to go online and look for a selfie drone amazon in order to see all of the variety of options out there for you to purchase. Drones come with a lot of different features, custom configuring is available for drones, if you are one of those people, who need specific pieces of equipment on your device. For those, who need custom drones you should consider looking at all of the various companies online, who sell custom fabrication models, which will allow you to completely configure a custom drone for your needs from scratch.

Foldable drones are also quite popular with many people, who just need something, which is capable of taking high resolution photos at extremely hard to capture angles. Many foldable drones are very inexpensive and can be purchased by simply going to your local electronics store or shopping through online retailers. The options are truly endless; when it comes to finding high quality selfie drones for sale, use all of the information in this article to help you find the right selfie drone that will give you the ability to capture truly amazing photos and videos with ease.

Foldable Drones

Selfie drones use very unique technology ranging from: facial recognition, stabilization, auto-following, target tracking and much more. The way you desire to control your drone is also another important factor to consider when buying. Many drones on the market are controlled using Wi-Fi, a Smartphone device or a built-in remote. Depending on the style of videos and photos that you want to capture the way that your drone is controlled can be very important.

Most stores, who have selfie drones for sale will allow you to run the devices on test flights before purchase which can be very beneficial for those of you, who are new to the drone industry. Advanced flight modes and features such as first-person viewing commonly come with drones on the higher end of the market. One really big consideration you should keep in mind when purchasing a drone is that of flight distance. All drones have different flight distances and times reliant upon the battery and other features such as the way that it’s controlled. There are short range drones, mid-range drones, close-range drones and endurance drones which are those built with high quality materials that deflect damage and malfunctions.

No matter what you’re specific needs may be there is a drone out there which is perfect for you. There are so many different drone options out there for you to choose from that the sea is almost endless. You should have a clear idea of what you need and desire in a drone prior to buying the technology in order to make sure that you purchase a piece of equipment that will last and be beneficial to your overall needs.

Control distance is also another really important factor when looking for drones; different drones have various control lengths which decide how far the drone can be from the remote control and still be accessible. If you are using drones in a recreational manner then control distance may not be that important to you however for more professional settings you may want to consider buying a drone with quite a far control parameter in order for you to maintain steady flight during long missions.

The weight of your drone can also be a major issue depending on what your intended use is heavier drones tend to be equipped with advanced features and more compatibility in terms of using the device for professional applications. Lightweight drones are typically more for recreational use and only come with basic features like a camera and stabilizing function. Take all of these tips into consideration when purchasing a drone in order to make sure you are choosing the right product for your needs.

All of the factors listed above will play a huge part in how you can actually control your drone. Know your skill level and what you’re willing to learn so that you can avoid those drone products which may be too difficult for beginners or the novice user. If all you want is to capture photos then go with a product on the lower end to become accustom to how drones operate before spending loads of cash on an advanced product that you won’t be able to use.