Top Long Range Drones for Taking Selfies

Is there anything more astounding than taking selfies using drones? Drones are not only used for filming beautiful sceneries but also taking some of those amazing selfies you see around. Selfies have become the trend, and it was therefore expected that drone designers would somehow have to conform to this modern trend. The real beauty is that you can take selfies at long range with drones. So which of these drones are the best for you? Well, let’s talk a look at some of the best long-range drones for taking selfies.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

This sleek drone is a product of 3D Robotics and it is popular among beginners and veterans. It is equipped with a video game style controller making it simple to use.

Perhaps the most outstanding bit about this drone is the fact that it can shoot up to a range of 1 mile not to mention that it can be used to take selfies from anywhere in this range. This gives you the ultimate fun experience in aerial photography. Did you know that the drone is commonly referred to as “World’s Smart Drone with a Brain”? It is because it can execute certain tasks on its own. Other than the selfie, other special features include ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Orbit.’ You have the privilege of getting a first-person view of the images the quadcopter captures and watch the documented footage later.

 DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is another excellent all-around selfie drone and certainly one of the most advanced drones in the market. It is equipped with an advanced Gesture mode, therefore, making it easy to take selfies. This means it can locate you, center you within its camera grid, and take pictures. Like most selfie drones, it is compact and foldable. Moreover, it has a control range of 7 kilometers and flight time of 27 minutes which makes it stand out among its competitors.

Furthermore, the drone’s camera shoots 12MP still photos and 4K videos. Frankly, the camera specs put the Mavic Pro to another level. It is also packed with cool features which are not a surprise since it is a DJI product. Such features are ‘Follow Me,’ ‘Course Lock’ among others. On top of that is also equipped with obstacle avoidance! How cool is that!

DOBBY Selfie Pocket Drone

DOBBY’s sleek design and pocket-able size warrant its place among the top of selfie drones around.  One of its great abilities is facial recognition.In other words, the drone can scan and recall facial features. The orbit function allows it to circle an image while shooting. It can also safely hover indoors or outdoors and go to a range of  upto3kilometers.

A 13 MP camera will definitely give you the image you desire. Moreover, Dobby automatically synchronizes photos into your phone while videos can be downloaded by a USB cable. This drone is a must have for selfie lovers out there.

DJI Spark

DJI Spark is the smallest DJI drone, smaller than Mavic Pro. This is a drone that can be controlled exclusively through hand gestures when taking quick airborne selfies. It can also be controlled by remote control. Some of its cool features are a 2kilometers of range, the flight time of 15 minutes and FHD camera. It can shoot 12MP photos and record 1080 high definition videos. If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly selfie drone, you got one here.

Yuneec Breeze

Breeze is an excellent flying camera that is lightweight and foldable. It is blessed with an amazing sleek design. Despite its small size, it can shoot exquisite aerial selfies. Moreover, it has a range of 1 kilometer and flight time of 12 minutes.

In addition, it has other smart flight features to enable you to take excellent aerial selfies that you will surely love! You just found your traveling companion since Breeze can fit into any backpack or purse.

Finally, it is more exhilarating to note that most selfie drones are foldable! Moreover, they are small, compact and easy to transport. They also have an autonomous selfie mode making them the best machines to take selfie photos and videos.

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