Are you looking for top resources in the world of drones and general cinematography? Naturally, books are great places to look. Talking of drone-related books, there are tons out there but which ones stand out from the rest. Well, we have sampled out the best books that you can get on any information about drones.

Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones By Eric Cheng

The book demystifies the complexity of drones, thus easing the understanding of drones. That said, it is recommended for both beginners and veterans who are into drones. It has been quoted to be the ultimate guide to aerial imaging. On top of that, it is written in a thrilling and beautiful way which enables the reader to understand both basic and complex concepts of photography and videography by using drones. Austin Furrey, marketing manager, Flite Test, acknowledges this by saying, “Aerial photography has been overly complicated ever since cameras were first introduced to DIY drones. Eric delivers a much-needed introduction to give you the best possible start in the craft.”

This book guides the reader on the understanding of a drone to DIY (do it yourself) concepts with topics such as, What is a Drone? Aerial Videography, Getting the Shot, Flight, Policy, and Travel and much more.

The Photographers Guide to DronesBy Colin Smith

The author gives a clear guide on aerial photography. This book is insightful since it is written by one of the best in the field, Colin Smith, who is a photographer too.  Moreover, it precisely lays out what photographers, both professional and non-professional, need to know about quadcopters and drones. Furthermore, it amazingly simplifies concepts on how to safely control and fly a drone, creating captivating photos and videos and skills on making your work exceptional.

Some of the chapters covered are: How to Fly Drone, New Rules of Composition for Aerial Photography, Creating the Best Flies for Still Photos and Video.

Above the World: Earth through a Drone’s Eye By teNeus

If you are looking for a book with phenomenal images, then this is it. This book brings into the spotlight some of the world’s unsurpassed aerial photography. It highlights stunning and exquisite photographs from growing talents to renowned photographers. Rest assured that reading this book will change your outlook on the world through the many fascinating images portrayed such as volcanic eruption, views of Patagonia which had never been seen before, abstract images such as those of fish farms to powerful parodies such as Cliffs of Moher found in Ireland. This is surely the inspiration you need.

Drones (The Ultimate Guide) By Ben Rupert

This book is the complete package for beginners and advanced flyers. It provides a step by step guide such as how drones work, the key parts of a drone, how to fly a drone and to improve flying skills. In addition to that, it provides DIY (Do it yourself) guide on constructing your drone and how to improve your skills on aerial photography.

Drone University By John M. Glove

As the title suggests, this book is meant to tutor you on how to design and build your own FPV autonomous drone. It covers six simplified sub-systems; Camera System, Airframe System, Power System, Radio Control/ Autopilot System, Drive Train System and Ground Control Station. There is also a provision for flying tips and other checklists too.

In a nutshell, reading the above books will unquestionably improve your skills on taking photographs and still images, video footage, creating your drone and much more. Enjoy the read.

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